We are an EPA-Certified refrigerant reclaimer. We can reclaim thousands of pounds of refrigerant daily, using proprietary equipment, designed, built and operated at our facility in Houston.

Our process restores the refrigerant back to its original specifications, all confirmed by independent lab. Reclamation reduces the production of virgin refrigerants, while providing a reliable supply of needed product. The US is in the first stage of a scheduled phase-out of certain widely-used refrigerants. In addition, some states have mandated minimum quantities of reclaimed refrigerant for new equipment. These actions are increasing the demand for reclamation.

1. Customer contacts Summit to arrange the pickup of recovered refrigerant.

2. Recovered refrigerant is received at Summit for processing.

3. Refrigerant is weighed, cylinder serial numbers recorded, and then prepped for purity testing.

4. Refrigerant is processed to remove all normal contaminates.

5. Net weight is recorded and logged onto a refrigerant reclamation report.

6. Customer is contacted and provided with this report.

7. Summit will either purchase this refrigerant or repackage it to reuse.

Unique Capabilities

We have specialized equipment and highly trained refrigerant technicians to reclaim recovered refrigerants to AHRI 700 standards. We then either purchase the refrigerant, or repackage and return it.

Independently Verified

All reclaimed refrigerants are certified by a third-party independent laboratory before they are returned to the market. Complete records are maintained to allow for tracking and verification after the sale.

Customers Served

We provide reclamation services to wholesale distributors, industrial and commercial plants and projects, large mechanical contractors, and OEMs.

Environmental Benefits

Our reclamation activities eliminate the need to dispose of unwanted refrigerant.

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