A Complete Offering


By utilizing automated equipment designed and built by our experienced industry veterans, we can package refrigerant from bulk storage tanks into various cylinder sizes.


We are in the final stages of a multi-million dollar addition to our facility in Houston, increasing our blending capabilities and storage capacity.

Cylinder Rental

We maintain a complete inventory of clean, freshly-painted recovery cylinders for rent, with capacities from 125 to 1,000 lbs.


We utilize several refrigerant testing machines, including three gas chromatographs.

Cylinder Disposal

We accept used disposable cylinders from our customers, recovering any remaining refrigerant for reclamation, and then crushing and recycling the cylinders.

Industry Training

The refrigerant world is changing rapidly. We provide training to the industry on current regulations and new products.


We are in the final stages of developing unique capabilities of separating various types of mixed refrigerant, returning that refrigerant to the market, and eliminating the need to destroy it.

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