We are committed to being a good neighbor and member of the community.



Our entire business was conceived and developed to aid in the protection of the environment. Reclamation is a sustainable practice that reduces the release, disposal and production of refrigerants, while aiding in refrigeration that is vital to food safety and nutrition, manufacturing, processing, transportation, medicine production and storage, and many other human necessities. Refrigerants also provide a safe method of providing comfort cooling required in today’s buildings and migration patterns.

We constantly research and implement best practices for our plant processes. All employees are trained for their positions and closely supervised to ensure work is being performed safely. Our dedicated HSE Specialist is responsible for confirming safe working conditions and practices.

Our practices and equipment are designed to minimize energy consumption, and create the smallest negative environmental impact. While reclaiming refrigerant is a pillar of our business, we also recycle our materials and support products to the greatest possible extent.



Our diverse workforce and management team are all treated fairly and respectfully, encouraged to offer suggestions and express different opinions, and provided an environment safe from discrimination or harassment of any kind.

Employees are provided every opportunity to grow in their careers. Advancement is based on demonstrated desire, commitment, work ethic, and dedication to quality and compliance with company objectives.

We strive to be a good neighbor.


We follow strict ethical guidelines in all of our business dealings. We strive to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees by treating all parties the way we want to be treated. All transactions are conducted with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. We keep our commitments.

We have a diverse workforce and management team.

We undergo a full financial audit every year.



Constantly on an informal basis, and quarterly on a formal basis, we review our practices and policies, striving for continuous improvement, and ensuring that the Company’s commitments are being achieved.

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